Going around, visiting my friends and also checking out the condition of lakes, I got some images I’d like to share with you.

One of my friends, Hema, has a simple "golu" this time, without the kalasha that would make it mandatory for her to stay home all the nine days and offer worship:

4 hema golu 201012

Here she is, contemplating it:

3 hema golu 201012

Here’s the rangoli she’s done for it:

2 hema golu 201012

and the decorated plate for it:

hema golu 201012

Another of my friends, Arun, helped his mother set up a traditional golu, with the village next to the steps, and all the dolls on them, being symbolic of the universe that the Goddess rules:


Near Konanakunte Lake, I saw this Pujo pandal:

pandal 201012

The images had their faces covered, and would have been uncovered today (Shashti Day):

durga 201012

Already, trade and commerce had begun, with a little girl selling mud lamps:

lamps 201012

My friend Mythreyi has dolls that are over 20 years old:

my3 golu 201012

But when I went to visit my friend Nandini’s home, I found that her daughter, Priya, and her talented grandchildren, Meghna and Shashank, had gone a great job.

5 csk golu 201012

The vertical screen was also beautifully done:

4 csk golu 201012

However, what totally enraptured me was…Bangalore in the golu!

3 csk golu 201012

You can see the centre of our city, with the Metro, the Indoor Stadium, U B City, Utility Building, and the trees which still stand….

csk golu 201012

Here, have a better view of the Sheshadri Memorial Library and the High Court….a Universe in a doll’s world!

2  csk golu 201012

I enjoy visiting golus and sharing them with everyone!






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