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Take a little time to read throught this.

The MD of BESCOM (Bangalore Electric Supply Company), Mr Manivannan, maintains a Facebook page, and a friend of mine, Mr. Ajit Lakshmiratan, approached him with a problem.

(This was on 6 th Oct 2012, when there was a Bandh in Bangalore.)

He wrote:

MD Sir, 1800 425 2627 the toll free number of BESCOM is "switched off", if you please….080
22873333 get’s no response….no power here ( near Kundalhalli gate) since two & 1/2 hours..Is
Bescom "bandhed" too? Or is it a genuine outage, Sir?

A little while later, he posted on FB:

Ajit Lakshmiratan Power restored in just 15 minutes after this post!! Whew..that was fast response!

Sali Southdivision sir,I (,Assistant Executive Engineer,S7 Sub-division) to Manivannan:

wish to bring to your kind notice that as per the information of Mr.Thyagaraju AE(I/C),KPTCL.EPIP MUSS,Bank-1 of EPIP MUSS has been hand tripped for maintanance works from 11:27 hrs to 13:22 hrs today(6/10/2012).The affected Feeders& areas:F4 feeder-Kundalahalli Junction,M S Ramaiah Appartment,Green Garden Lay-out. F22-Sreeram samruddi Appartment,Kalyani campus,Part of Manjunath Lay-out.

F21-Sterlimg Brook field Appartment.This is for your kind information sir,

MD Bescom Manivannan to Sali Southdivision:

Is that for maintenance work or emergency? We have a circular not to take up anything for maintenance on holidays. If anybody in KPTCL is violating it, its your DUTY to report to your seniors and ALDC. You shall also APPLY your mind and convince yourself if that tripping was necessary. Post here the details. Prakash Venkataramu: Any such tripping on holidays has been banned by a circular. Quote this, and send a formal letter to KPTCL on this subject, mentioning that, any loss caused to revenue will be recovered from the concerned Engineer from KPTCL.

MD Bescom Manivannan to Ajit Lakshmiratan:

Thanks for your kind words! But, posting in FB has nothing to do with your power returning!:) FB is ONLY for sharing of views and ideas, and NOT for redressing complaints. For that you shall callv 22873333 only! I am surprised that 22873333 is not picked up! Can you give details of your call, time, from which numbervyou tried etc? We can track it.

Sunil Nalavade Hi Ajit, whereever Mr.Manivannan sir is there, we get lightning response, u guys are very lucky to have
him !!!

MD Bescom Manivannan GM CR Jayanthi N: you have to solve the ‘toll free number’ issue. Is there any problem in
routing the calls to that number to 22873333? I think it was done earlier. Can you do that now at the earliest?


Ajit Lakshmiratan to Manivannan:

Sir, I got through to 22873333 after repeated tries (it was just ringing) & one Swetha finally picked up at 1.40 pm on 6th Oct. I called from my landline number ending —-1120, Sir Is Bescom "bandhed" too? Or is it a genuine outage, Sir?

Prakash Venkataramu to Manivannan:

Respected sir
Taken note of kind directions. Bescom Operations dept has time and again informing Bescom field officers as well as kptcl officers both in forma / informal mode not to undertake any scheduled/ un scheduled maintenance works. Yesterday’s work could have been avoided.
With kind regards
Prakash. V
DGM (operations)


MD Bescom Manivannan to Prakash Venkataramu: Then lets not keep quiet about yesterday’s work. We can’t allow one
AEE/AE in KPTCL to cause inconvenience to 1000s of public! Put up a detailed DO letter.

MD Bescom Manivannan to Ajit Lakshmiratan: Thanks for the info!:) Our helpline has 25 lines. So, if there are more incoming calls than 25, you are put on hold. But, i expected that you will get a recorded message. Will check up.

Manivannan To GM CR Jayanthi N: The recorded message to use SMS is not yet on? When it will be on? Please do that as early as possible. Your department is the most sensitive and important department and there is still so much to do!:)

How we wish other public figures did their work as earnestly! Our salute to Mr. Manivannan.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    There is one Welding factory next to the Mythri Sappire appt JP nagar 7th Phase BOB colony 4th main.
    This factory is illegal they encroached part of road and started this.
    They dont have any legal power connection from BESCOM they are taking power from some home. they are using big -2 machines as per my estimation they are doing theft of minimum 50-60K rupees per month.
    Please do inspection of this factory to stop power theft.

  2. I have interacted with him too and I can fully confirm his lightning-like action on everything he receives! BESCOM has truly turned a better stone under his leadership. I wish someone from BWSSB would do the same!!

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