So cool to break the rules…


It is a narrow gap in the Mini Forest, and any cars parked in that area causes a blockage for the passage of other vehicles. So, at this spot, having a "No Parking" sign is logical.


But some people seem not to read the "No" in that sign….

 No pking 260912

What’s the use of complaining about indiscipline when we are all equally guilty?


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  1. We have, as a society, degenerated to unbelievable lows. We complain incessantly about garbage not being cleared, traffic jams, corruption – at the same time, throw our own household waste recklessly. We think nothing of flinging the used polystyrene saucer on the road after eating bhel / fruit salad. We thoughtlessly throw biscuit wrappers outside someone else’s gate. We break queues and get ahead of everyone else. We break all traffic rules and bribe the policeman. We care nothing for other drivers and are rude to pedestrians. And of course, spitting and urinating on walls is a national pastime!
    Let us stop bragging about our 5000 year old heritage till we set things right in our country today.

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