1 baitu kapi 290712 adigas



Piping hot BFK…Baitu Filter Kaapi. Baitu is a Bangalore institution…it’s actually, "divide the coffee by two". This gives a lovely thimble-shot of piping hot coffee where one doesn’t have to worry about the calories or the caffeine…and yet have the lovely taste of filter coffee on one’s palate for a long while!



2 baitu kapi 290712 adigas


The fractions can get even more complicated…it can be 2 by 3 or 5 by 7, and so on….in Mumbai, such division of chai is called "cutting chai". We also have the concept of "Half Tea" or "Half Coffee" or "Mini Tea/Coffee" here in Bangalore. Adigas, Bannerghatta Road, 290712 


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Darshini food is "high" cuisine for this young man, who needs a stool to reach it!

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