The bows of Indra….

I had been to Barcamp7 at IIM-B, and participated in a freewheeling discussion on finding accomodation in Bangalore, along with Meera. On the way out, simultaneous sunshine and showers brought out this beautiful double rainbow against the African Tulips and the Sampige trees.


I was moved to pen these lines:

You’re feeling down and out.You feel old.
There’s a storm about.You feel cold.
The storm clouds mass;the showers come to pass.
Suddenly, in the shrouds of grey rainclouds–
A rainbow in the sky! No…there are two!
Science can tell you why….but who
Wants to know why? Do you?
A rainbow is like life:
Full of both happiness and strife.
When there is both sun and rain,
Both happiness and pain,
There is no black and white–
Only the prism show
Of the rainbow.
When the rain is stronger, and the sun,
The rainbow comes along with another one:
A little dimmer, not as bright.
A wonderful sight.
Pain and happiness together
Bring the rainbow of Life’s weather.
Make the colours, seven-hued,
That lift the heart when they are viewed.
All I know
Is that I am lucky that my day…has a rainbow.

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Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.


  1. When the rain is stronger, and the sun,
    The rainbow comes along with another one
    – What a simple and yet wonderful way to explain! Lovely!
    I enjoy reading your jottings Deepa. Hope you catch many more rainbows.

  2. That’s really lovely. We are lucky you caught those bows of Indra with your Vajrayudha (Camera)!

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