We all know where we are…


We are a city of very knowledgeable people. We know exactly where we are, and we don’t need to be informed about our whereabouts by some stupid signboard. In fact, the signboard is only there to stick posters on, and inform people about other events or goods on offer….until such time as those posters are legible.

 sg blr 150412

If a newcomer comes to Bangalore, s/he, too, will know instantly, just by looking at the name board, that this Billposterpuram or Stickernagar or Advertisment Layout.

Of course…with maps on one’s mobile phone, and being online all the time….name boards are now a quaint relic from the past (we can take Heritage Walks to see them.)

You are a poor person who doesn’t possess an internet-enabled gadget? Fie on you! What are you doing in our wonderful city? Go away, far from Paper Cross, Glue Main, Billboard 2nd Phase, Bangalore.


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  1. Education has nothing to do with the behaviour of the citizens. I am observing this situation in all walks of life. Apart from defacing all the street /circle names and Direction Boards, the politicians hang huge boards showing their dirty faces which are apt and fit to be hung in every Police Station.
    We have lost all moral standards in maintaining our neighbourhood clean and presentable. Once when I objected to hanging a Board on our complex wall, I was threatened by a goonda, obviously in the pay rolls of a politician.Somebody said, when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy. This aptly fits the Bangalore Life Style.

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