Camp elephants at the Bannerghatta Zoo area, 040312

This Sunday, I went with my friends on a nature trail in the Bannerghatta Zoo area, and while there, we watched the camp elephants….

elphnts bgz 040312

The females and their calves were going into the rear gate of the Zoo, but before that, the two calves had a great time, play-wrestling with each other…and we were delighted to watch!

one baby lfnt bgz 040312

two lfnts 1 bgz 040312

2 elephants 2 bgz 040312

2 lfnts 3 bgz 040312

Earlier, we had seen the lone tusker, too…and kept the wall of the JLR Hill View Restaurant safely between us and the animal…tuskers are notoriously unpredictable animals!

tskr bgz 040312

It was wonderful to watch the two baby elephants…and one of them came up to my friend, and when he realized she was not going to give him any food, he just bumped into her and pushed her over! Here she is, unfazed, photographing him after her unexpected "sit down"….

jai pushed bgz 040312

We went to look at birds and insects and butterflies…but we had such fun with mammals!



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