If you have just started a company, beware of this fraud

Prem Sagar, a friend of mine,recently registered his photography equipment rental company with the MCA.


It appears that MCA is leaking the addresses of such parties, because the postman called with a parcel, saying that Rs. 2,300 had to be paid. Prem immediately thought that it must be some legal documents that had been despatched, but luckily, he called up his advisor and checked. He found that there were no documents due.

 Many people are now reporting that this alleged firm, "Legal Book Supplies", is sending unsolicited books to such recently registered company addresses.

 A site that lists complaints against "Legal Book Suppliers", can be seen


As you can see, several people have, in good faith, paid for worthless books that they did not want and did not ask for.


If you want to see  Prem’s Facebook wall, and see the various comments:


click here


So…if you have recently registered a company….be alert for this fraud, and do not pay for any money-due parcel without checking first.

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