Tips Pleas!

Using a car on Bangalore roads? Then,when you fill up petrol (at the petrol pumps in the city, you are generally given the "perk" of "Free Air"…that is, the car tyre pressure is checked and filled by an attendant, and it is supposed to be a service free of cost.

However, over the years, the habit has been established, of tipping the attendant a couple of rupees.

Quick to notice this, petrol pumps pay their attendants a little less, the rationale being that they will pick up the tips from motorists! So the attendants are keen that no one go away without the tips.

However, some petrol pumps (which do not pay their attendants less) have signs, saying, "Free Air" or, even more pointedly, "No Tips Please".

But human ingenuity can convert that last notice by 180 degrees….

HP club Sign Board better listen to the pleas by the attendants for tips! Or else….

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