A Morning in Lalbagh

I spent a very pleasant morning at Lalbagh today….I started at the Glass House, where the floral exhibits for Independence Day are taking shape, and this Anthurium exhibit was stunning….

Anthurium exhibit

As I walked around, both cultivated and "grow-on-the=tree" flowers caught my eye.

Here’s an insect pollinating one flower:

Insect pollinating a Flower

The Seeta Ashoka tree still has some flowers, though it’s strictly not the season:

Seeta Ashoka tree with flowers

The water lilies on the lake are breathtakingly beautiful…

Water Lily on the Lake

The spider lilies, aptly named for their shape, bloom along the shores of the water bodies:

Spider Lilies

But I couldn’t identify this tree, which had such beautiful flowers:

Beautiful flowers

I walked past the old pavilion; what tales it could tell of the British Raj!

old Pavilion in Lalbagh

The ants’ nest, where several leaves are pasted together, was another great architectural work, to rival the pavilion…

Ants' nest

The spotted owlets were in one of their usual haunts, and looked down sleepily at me.

Spotted owlets

A rose-ringed parakeet posed briefly for me before taking off to look for more fruits…

Rose-ringed parakeet

It’s easy to see, at this time of the year, how the copper pod tree got its name:

Copper pod tree

The majestic trees sometimes framed the scenery of the smaller plants:

Scenery of the smaller plants

I also came across one tree which was being venerated:

Across one tree which was being venerated

Though it seemed a little strange to me to put the flowers of one tree on another as a mark of reverence and worship!

The trees and the skyline of the lake also made a lovely silhouette…

Scenery of the smaller plants

Having gathered more than these images in my mind’s eye, I walked out of the park, feeling at peace and refreshed!

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