An email that felt good to read…

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I received the following email from another member of the cycling egroup that I belong to:


I’m Charles Hayward and I had a large stroke on Easter Sunday of this year. Luckily, I was able to recover with minimal residual impact which according to my doctors is attributable to being relatively fit.My fitness (at least recently) is because I cycle, so in recognition of World Stroke Day (which is 29th Oct actually) I wanted to ask people to join with me in lauding the benefits of cycling.

My idea was for a group ride starting from Decathlon-Sarjapura-
Chitratirupathi-Hope Farm-Varthur-Decathlon. It should be around 50+ kilometers and is a nice ride out into the country/villages.

I would love for a good turnout of folks as it’s a day near and dear to my heart. I’m open to suggestions for other routes and how to handle (faster/slower/kids etc..) riders of different capabilities.

The point is to get out and ride it can truly make the difference
between life and death.

Charles Hayward


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