Bus Shelter Design

Recently, new bus shelters have come upall over Bangalore. Extensive space has been given over to advertising, and some space has also been allocated, at the top of the bus shelter, to give the name of the bus stop. However, not a single bus shelter has any provision for some essential information…the bus routes stopping at the particular stop. I am not talking about timings as there may not be adhered to at all. But certainly, the route nos. and the series of stops could be displayed.


It surprises me that such an essential feature has been left out of the bus shelter design. Can we get BMTC to display this info at every bus stop in a prominent place? Surely it will be a very customer-friendly step.

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  1. New bus shelters? Where?
    I must be living somewhere else.
    There is not a single bus shelter from Marathahalli Bridge till Silk board. And Even other places have old shelters. As for information, it is becoming worse with buses with the floating displays. By the time you wait for a familiar place to scroll through, the bus would’v e flown!
    Also, when’s the last time a bus stopped at a bus stop near a shelter?
    Bus shelters are just indicative locations from where you might have to run less than 100m in each direction to get into your bus, if you are fast enough.

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