ATM refill


It was unusual to find the ATM closed, yet with a queue in front of it, so I looked..and found that the ATM cash was being refilled. Here’s the procedure.

The cash is taken by two or three young men into the ATM, which is then shut (but not locked, because the men might need to come out). The vending machines are opened up and the cash drawers exposed.

 ATM 2 041011

The suitcase at the side was full of cash, and the young men took out the bundles, snapped the paper bindings, and filled up the open drawers of the vending machine:

ATM 3 041011

I could not resist clicking the bundles of cash, too!

ATM 4 041011

The young men came in a hired Qualis which had bars on the windows. I’d say it was a difficult…and possibly dangerous…job, carting loads of cash across the city, and being vulnerable while opening up the ATM and then while coming out again.


An unusual slice of life, and one I enjoyed without the security guard telling me not to take photographs!




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  1. I’ve seen the armored cars doing the rounds around town bit had never seen the actual refilling operation. Nice post!

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