Writers’ Meeting at Citizen Matters

On the 14th of October 2011, Citizen Matters organized a meeting of several of the writers who contribute to the magazine. From 4 pm onwards, people started trickling in, and after a round of self-introductions, people got to discussing the various issues that faced the city of Bangalore…prime among them being, of course, civil administration.

While this was going on, tea, coffee and snacks were being served:

srving chai 141011

Several of the writers gave their inputs:

witers right 141011

writers left 141011

And along with Padma and Meera, Subbu moderated the meeting, and elicited responses and inputs of various kinds from the authors.

Many of the contributors came from very far away, and it was very creditable that so many of them took the trouble to make it for the meeting. Battling rush-hour traffic on the way home was one of the costs of the meeting…but meeting, and putting faces and personalities to the various names on Citizen Matters …was a big reward! Thanks to Subbu, Meera, and Padma for organizing the meet.

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