Garba/Dandiya Ras at Casa Ansal, J P Nagar, 061011


On Vijaya Dashami Day, the Casa Ansal Apartment Owners’ Association (CAAOA) organized a Garba and Dandiya evening. 


S stalls at garba ca 061011 


Several of the residents put up food and clothing stalls, at which the sales were brisk.


The effigy of Ravana…representing the powers of evil and darkness…was kept ready to set on fire at the end of the evening.

S effigy ca 061011 


The ladies participated enthusiastically in the Dandiya ras, wearing traditional Gujarati garb.

 S garba dandiya ca 061011


Here are one of the apartment buildings senior residents, who are connoisseurs of music and dance, who were enjoying themselves that evening!


jynt's prents ca 051011 

"The sense of community gets fostered by such cultural events," remarked Mrs. Alamelu, one of the residents who is also active in the cultural events. Everyone who attended enjoyed the evening, and gorged on the delicious food that was being sold by the ladies of the apartment building.

A great way to bring in Sharad Ritu into this city of ours!


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