Contributions for Orissa and Sikkim

We are sure everyone is aware of the flood in Orissa and the Earthquake in Sikkim. Hundreds of lives have been lost, livelihood destroyed and people have lost everything and have been taking refuge in relief shelters. As learnt from people who have been volunteering in the area, the extent of damage is immense.

Orissa: Water is continuing to surge from the river Mahanadi and its tributaries and creating havoc in Orissa. More than 3000 villages have been marooned by this flood. Many districts have been severely hit and all communication channels to these pockets had been disrupted. About 10 lakh people were encircled by flood water in these areas for the last 15 days. And it’s not yet over…

Sikkim: An earthquake of 6.9 magnitude has rocked one of our most beautiful states of India -Sikkim. This earthquake has left more than 100 people dead and an enormous property damage estimated to be more than 100,000 Crore.

As always, Pankhudi foundation has come forward to start a Sahayata Campaign(Collection Drive) to offer whatever assistance is possible, in this time of need. Please have a look at the corresponding webpage


We will be collaborating with GOONJ, Youth for Development and Mighty Club for the same to be able to
reach out effectively to the victims of these calamities.
This is an APPEAL to all of you to initiate an effort in your circle of acquaintance.

Material Contributions:
Important: Material support (needed in good quality)

a. Medicines, baby food, sanitary napkins.
b. Wheat, Rice, Pulses (Dal), Chiwra, Biscuits, dry and packed eatables.
c. Clothes, bed sheets, blankets, Tarpaulin (Large plastic sheets) and Mosquito nets.
d. Cooking utensils, ropes, feeding bottles, water purifying tablets.

Monetary Contributions:

All the monetary contributions would be utilized for bulk purchase of urgent material from local vendors in Sikkim and Orissa and for local transportation of
material to villages and remote locations. All monetary contributions would directly be transferred to our Partner Organizations – either GOONJ or MIGHTY CLUB (Orissa).

Contributions must be in the form of CHEQUE / DRAFT ONLY in the name of "GOONJ" or "MIGHTY CLUB". Please note that we would not be accept cash donations.

All your monetary contributions are eligible for Tax Exemption under 80G.
For receipts, please write the following information behind your cheque/draft – Name, Address, Email, Phone No and PAN No.

For any kind of contributions, you may please contact Pankhudi Sahayata Coordinators in your location. Their names and contact numbers are mentioned on

Organize your own Collection Drive:

You may also organize a Collection Drive in your office, organization or near your residence. Our Sahayata Coordinators will be able to help you organize the same and supply you with all needed materials – including Posters, Corporate Letter, Email for Employees, etc. Please find their contact details below

Pankhudi Sahayata Coordinators:

Sahayata Coordinator
Mobile Number

Mr. Mohan Rajendra
+91 90357 75116
Ms. Prathima Kharvi
+91 87221 44753


Ms. Chhavi Negi
+91 99582 39780
Ms. Richa Singh
+91 88609 42604


Mr. Murthy Penugonda
+91 81218 76553
Ms. Jyoti Singh
+91 93947 34328


Mr. Akram Shaik
+91 97735 63351
Ms. Mukta Matta
+91 98675 11042


Ms. Srushti Dhok
+91 94225 41951
Mr. Sangamesh Kallur
+91 97625 22467

Other Cities

Mr. Vaibhav Choudhary / Mr. Satya Mohanty
+91 98867 96985 / +91 99080 27775

You can also e-mail the coordinators at

Please note that the last date for sending in all contributions is 20th Oct 2011. We will not be able to collect any material or monetary donations after that.

Other Useful Links:

1. Orissa/Sikkim Sahayata webpage

2. Poster for Print

3. Poster for Email

4. Corporate Letter:

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