Presentation on urban trees at ATREE

I got this email from R. Sheshadri: We cordially invite you for our project presentation at ATREE, tomorrow, 22nd July,2011. It has been a very interesting study and we like to share our thoughts with you all. We have combed most forests, all around Bengalur to study interdepandance of flora and fauna, and for selection of biologically important native trees and shrubs for planting projects.

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Introduction to our native trees will be followed by interdependance and then selection of candidate species for planting spaces(and reasons why). All data has been classified into several tables like e.g – Native Trees for planting under overhead electric wires, Highways, Woodlots,Gardens, Parks, Beautiful flowers of Bengaluru, Trees for birds,ornamentals etc.

Title – Interdependance of bees, birds and butterflies on forest trees and shrubs in the forests around Bengaluru.(Project no 5 – Arun.N.K )

Selection of candidate species of indigenous trees and shrubs for planting in urban spaces and afforestation programs at Bengaluru.

Project guides- Dr Subramanya,GKVK- (Bees, Birds, Butterflies, Insects) Sheshadri.R- (Forest Trees and Shrubs)

Project team- Arun N.K – ornithologist. Prashanth.S – Socioeconomist.

Warm Regards. Sheshadri.R 94482 59194. Here is the ATREE route map:

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