Bus Stop Design

I find that BBMP/BMTC combination has been experimenting with various designs for bus stops…but still, a very vital piece is missing from almost every bus stop that I see. This…is a board that should, at the very least, announce what bus routes are going through the stop. Why is there no provision for this essential piece of information on any bus stop, when there seems to be so much space devoted to advertising?

Another instance of the BMTC/BBMP being less user-friendly than they should be. All it takes is a little imagination..or observation, when our top officials go junketing to Singapore to "learn" from the public transport there.

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  1. I have taken up such issues even earlier, unfortunately persons who take keen interest in public affairs, offer considered sugestions, get disposed off at the lowest level in public bodies, BMTC is no exception. It was my suggestion to build a bus terminus at Srividyanagara on a vacant land marked for future development, I brought to the notice of Chief Traffic Manager, followed up with a letter to BDA. It has materialised. Thank God.

  2. Hi,

    Please just call bmtc call center and raise a complaint.
    they may take up this issue.
    the no is 08022489005

  3. I took up with BMTC why there is bus stop in one direction but not for retrn journey, they were convinced after a visit to place. us shelters are desighned well but has no specific identity, mostly granite slabs removed. It appears each cost 1.25 lakhs to build. Many of them are not located systematically. In BSK3rd stage there are more than 1000 trips of buses towards ring road but no shelter at all at hosakerehalli cross bus stop. why such things do not catch the eye of BMTC officials?

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