High as a kite..

…That subject title is literally true, since a Black Kite floated past on the thermals, at eye level, as I took these pics! Some of them are through very dirty glass, so I apologize for the marks across the sky.

I went to conduct an interview yesterday, and from the 11th floor of the building (guess which one it is!) I took these shots of central Bangalore as it is today (or was, yesterday…maybe a couple more buildings have mushroomed!!)

blr view 1 110411

blr view 2 110411

blr view 3

blr view 4

blr view 5

blr view 6

blr view 7

It’s lovely to see the various landmarks…Chinnaswamy Stadium, Utility Building, the various convent schools, and so on.

Prof Ramani of TTK says that he used to be able to see clear up to Nandi Hills!

There, that should give you a hint as to which building it is….!

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  1. It is worthwhile to arrange pic/photo exhibition of Bangalore once a while.I have lived in this city for 75 years, I can visualise. Alas! I am not an atist to draw pic and exhibit to present generation. How much we have lost, how much we have gained as a city worth living!

  2. I wish I had a camera when I lived in this area, 1988 to 1996…the photographs of the tree canopy would have made an interesting comparison!

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