A few rare blooms in Lalbagh

Two unusual plants in Lalbagh are in bloom again, and those interested can go and view them near the Office of the Deputy Directorate of Horticulture. The first one is the exquisitely-coloured, and beautifully-shaped,


jade vine  080211

and the other is the

CROWN OF THORNS (Euphorbium milii)

which is a kind of banana plant, but much taller:

euphorbia milii crown of thorns 080211

The infloresence, indeed, resembles our own plantain flowers:

crwn thrns flower 080211

The third lovely plant is what is called the "Shrimp" Plant, which has lovely ballon-like flowers:

un id shrimp plant 080211

All these plants are within a few feet of each other…go and enjoy the sight of the blooms!

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  1. Thanks Chaitra, I realize that the signs in that place are misleading. Tbis seems to be some gigantic form of banana plant.

    Thanks for the info!

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