Is this fine valid?


On the 20th of December, at about 3pm, we were travelling in a hired cab, and the car (an Innova, belonging to M/s. Chandru Travels) was stopped near the Ranga Shankara/Innisfree House School area by the traffic police.

They asked to see the driver’s documents, and the driver (Mr Prabhakar) had everything in order.

Mr Prabhakaran was dressed in a white shirt and trousers, presenting a neat appearance.

The police then wrote out a challan for his "not being in complete uniform" as the driver of a hired cab, and fined him Rs. 100.

Can someone tell me the logic of such a rule, and the reason to apply it…apart from fulfilling some quota of fines for that day? Several vehicles were stopped at the time.

Yes, he was given a proper receipt for the fine…but I still think that such a rule is nothing but harassment.



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  1. Did the cop tell you specifically what was missing in the uniform of the taxi driver vis-a-vis the rules? If he wasn’t specific about it, then the fine is not valid and definitely amounts to harassment. If that’s the case, you should write to the police commissioner asking for an explanation.


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