Another group of cinemas open….



Gopalan Innovations Mall has been more than 6 years in the building, and it opened a while ago, with Westside and just a few more shops to start with. Today, I noticed that there were multiple cinemas…

gopalan cinemas 161210

and also, that they were opening today!

cinema today 161210

I decided to go up and enquire. The weekday shows are priced at Rs. 150 and Rs. 180…I didn’t find out the weekend rates. The number for the cinemas is

6533 6764

I was told that I could "book over the phone, but you must come and buy the tickets here, madam"…a statement I have yet to figure out!


J P Nagar is fast developing into "Mall-nadu"….





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  1. The Gopalan Cinema at J P Nagar has opened but there is no information on the net about it. They have not listed on BookMyShow. Nor do thay have a web-site of their own.
    Deepa, The number mentioned was switched off – i tried today morning.

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