The Aftermath….

When we have a party at home, we take good care to clean up every trace of it afterwards, to return to a spic-and-span home…so why do we not take the same responsibility in our city?

Here is a photo taken by Girish S V, in HSR Layout, of an open area, the day after Deepavali:

fireworks girish sv

We blithely assume that "someone" will come and clean up the mess that we’ve made, in the process of enjoying ourselves. All it would take is a little effort, to clean it up ourselves…but we seem to lack the civic sense, the sense of pride that our city is also our home…

A clean city is one that all of us will be proud of, let’s all take the trouble to do our bit!


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  1. we know how much the sweepers curse us next day morning to clear the strewn leftovers. some are worth resale for next Deepavali. They are silenced by a paltry Rs 10/- and forgotten.

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