The Chestnut-tailed Starling, in an unusual place!



We got out of the train after a birdwatching trip to Dandeli, and as we were lugging our bags out, I looked up into the Eucalyptus tree in the City Station parking lot…and ….there were


in the tree! (Click on the name for the Wiki entry.)

ct starling 221110

Chestnut-tailed Starlings are local migrants and I usually enjoy seeing them feasting on the Silk-cotton flowers on that gigantic tree in Lalbagh.

c t starling  2211110

But who expected to see them at City Station? Not me!

I promptly pulled out my MLC (Mary’s Lamb Camera…my Canon SX10) and took two quick shots. Now that is a very satisfactory conclusion to a birding trip!

The winter migrant birds are arriving in force in Bangalore, and birdwatching is getting more and more interesting and varied!



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