Blocking a narrow public road….



All our IT companies spout about "corporate and social responsibiility" but don’t seem to practice what they preach.


Along 1st Main Road, J P Nagar 3rd Phase, all the IT companies have built offices that offer very little, or no parking. They all use the public road as a kind of free parking lot. At night, residents in this area are put to great disadvantage by all the call-centre vans and cabs parked along the road, with the drivers often ganging up to pass comments on passers-by. 


Residents of the area have been complaining to the IT companies with no effect at all. 


Yesterday I snapped this huge Infosys bus parked on this narrow road, blocking up the space. 


infosys bus 091110 

The entire half of the road, as one can see, has been blocked by this large transport that does not belong on this small road.


When will the IT companies, starting from Infosys, practice the social responsibility that they preach?


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  1. Entirely True. Can’t blame fully on IT companies as they do try to have the vehicles parked in some or the other vacant places. But the drivers mistake who parks where ever he feels comfortable.

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