To include your name in the electoral rolls….



I answered the knock on my door and found two smiling ladies outside, who asked me if our names were already on the electoral rolls. "No," I said, explaining how we could not find our names either in our old locality or our present one.


The ladies, Padma and Nagaratna, immediately gave me two forms to fill, and submit, along with passport photographs, for including our names in the electoral rolls.


padma nagaratna 091110

It was good to see these ladies going to all the apartments and taking down details, meticulously. If only every government employee were as hard-working as this! 


Three cheers for Padma and Nagaratna, and others like them, who do their jobs well.



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  1. I hope they come to our locality too for this as we need to get ours changed since we moved here a year ago.

  2. Apologies for comment above. It looks like the 2011 voter roll revision is getting started now. Just saw a notice in the paper.

  3. This is interesting… why is an electoral roll revision being done now? it is not normally scheduled at this time, right?

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