Street-corner vendors….

They are everywhere…on the pavements, weaving in and out of the traffic at signals…people who sell a variety of known and unknown things…cotton buds, lights, windshield screens, remote control protectors, dusters…..

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The latest "item" to be sold is this "solar flower", which comes out with waving petals in sunlight:

 solar flower

Most of these things are cheap, shoddy pieces, which, I feel, are made in China (ok, Taiwan, to be precise!)…and they are sold for a few dozen rupees…we seem not to mind the very poor quality of the stuff, and sometimes, it’s our way of supporting the people who sell them.

But I wonder what the distribution chain is, how much money these vendors get to keep for themselves…asking them results in instant suspicion and withdrawal.

They are obviously at the bottom of the retail chain, and can’t be making much money, selling their wares in sunshine and rain….the street vendors of our city…the worlds of the road-users and the vendors meet only at the point of sale, the street-corners at which the sale takes place.

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