“Tharabethi vahana”

I was glad to see a training bus, with many drivers sitting in it, going past with one learner driver at the wheel:

l bus 270910

However, I was not sure if this was a training vehicle, and having seen the words "Tharabethi Vahana" on the bus, tried to google for the meaning of the word "tharabethi"…but could not find any free Kannada-translation website.

Google does not translate from Kannada to English or vice-versa…but I am still amazed that in the home of the software industry, no one has yet designed a good Kannada-to-English translation site.

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  1. Hi interesting to see interest in Kannada.. I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu but mother tongue was kannada..but our kannada was interspersed with Tamil vocabulary

    Moved to Bangalore in 2002 and from then on it has been a learning experience.. but I am amazed to see simple kannada words like Vechcha (expense)or not being used… instead the hindi version of karch is used…some of the words in day to day use are also not the pure kannada ones,,,eg Saaru is always Rasam in Bangalore,,I really do not understand why? In the kannada that we spoke at home Kampu meant odour but I understand its real meaning is Fragrance…I am interested in learing kannada..I can read and write now in Kannada (the othaksharas are a real cahallenge)..can some one guide me to easy ways of learning Kannanda

  2. Tharabethi is training.

    There is no translation tool, but there is a dictionary at kannadakasturi.com, which might serve some purpose. I just checked and the site wasn’t functional. I am not sure if it is temporary or gone for good. You could look back again.

  3. Ah, I didn’t get to see the front of the vehicle…I just snapped it as it passed me! Thank you.

  4. If you see the front of the vehicle you can find the red letters saying “Chalakaru Tarabethiyallidhare) and L sign down- so it would very well mean a training vehicle!

  5. If anyone could either correctly translate “tharabethi” for me, or point me to a good Kannada translation site…I’d be grateful!

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