Mr K. Subramaniam….and his trade

Several people ease the difficulties of our daily lives, and provide fairly inexpensive services. Mr K Subramaniam is one such person, plying his trade of cobbler, at a stall on Bannerghatta Road, near the BTM Checkpost bus-stop, for nearly 15 years now.

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"Both this stall, and another one I sometimes go to, in Koramangala, belong to Mr Madheswara," says he. "All the income from the bag and footwear repair comes to me, and from the sale of the footwear go to him," he explains, pointing to the footwear that he makes, behind him, at the "Samatha Sainik Dal" stall.

 "I belong to Salem. I have a small place to stay in Koramangala, but once a month or so, I visit my family," he says. He had 10 children, out of which three died…leaving three daughters and four sons, he says. "All of them are married and settled."

He seems very content in his work, and I can personally attest to his competence, having had many pieces of footwear repaired over the years! I asked him permission to photograph him and explained about Citizen Matters. "Will I get any money?" he asked hopefully. "No," I had to say, regretfully! As I sat getting my work done, chatting with him, a steady stream of customers came in with their questions and sandals or shoes!

May the cobbler under the Mahogany tree "last" and thrive for several years!

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