Parking Cafe at BIAL

Having got the info from Amit Chaudhary about the affordable food at BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Ltd.), I decided to find it and check it out, too. 

Where is it?

When you come out of the Arrivals area, you have a long corridor stretching perpendicularly in front of you. First cross the car lanes, and on the right, you will find the BMTC buses. Go further and on the right, you will find the Sulabh Pay and Use toilets. Go to the left of, and behind, this building, and behind the area where all the taxis are parked, is the Parking Cafe:

parking cafe airpor 250910

I’ve photographed the prices, so can see for yourself how a "full" coffee compares with the CCD coffee (though even in the "front line" refreshment stalls, CCD coffee is Rs.30 and the coffee at "Nukkad" stalls is Rs.20…near the Arrival area.)

Frankly, given the number of drivers and cabbies who frequent the airport, this kind of initiative had to happen. Just look at the number of taxis standing in the area at the time:

taxis airport 250910 

I am glad that in providing for these people, we’ve also got an affordable alternative when it comes to food in BIAL!

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