Wheelchair access

I was walking past the new Corporation Bank building in JP Nagar, and found that wheelchair access was provided:

wheelchair access corpn bk 130910

This got me thinking, and I started looking at other public buildings…and private ones too…and was saddened to find that in very, very few of them was wheelchair access provided.

Why can’t we, at the construction stage, take a little extra effort and provide wheelchair access? This would be so helpful to those whose mobility is restricted. One of the best examples I have seen, of a wheelchair ramp beautifully integrated into the steps, is at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. One can hardly see that it’s there!

Even the Mini Forest is inaccessible to wheelchairs…it’s as if, unconsciously, we exclude our brothers and sisters who need wheels to move around.

Thanks to the Corporation Bank for being sensitive…now they need to move the generator so that it doesn’t block the access.

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