Good food at regular prices at BIAL…thanks for sharing the find, Amit Choudhary!

Amit Kumar Chaudhary, who is also a member of the cycling mailing list that I belong to, had recently cycled to BIAL, where he made a discovery that would benefit all of us.

Here’s what he said in an email to the rest of us:

"For those who wish to have garma-garma Idli and Tea/Coffee at  regular prices at BIAL, there’s a Shanti-Sagar type resturant called Parking-Cafe. It is located behind "Pay & Use Toilet" but the Cafe is clean and hygenic.

I had little bad experience today and that led me to this discovery."

What was the experience, and what was the discovery? More at his blog.

Since I am also an ardent follower of not drinking bottled water, and eating fresh Darshini food rather than expensive (and possibly recycled) food, I commend Amit on this discovery!

Thank you, Amit, for the permission to give a link to your post. Many airport-goers are going to bless you!

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  1. “108” sent this additional info:

    “In case of drinking water in BIAL,there is a water station a few
    meters from the restroom.”

    Why do all the healthy, inexpensive options seem to be near the restrooms?

  2. S.Sathyan sent this added info:

    “Try the airport employees canteen near the customs desk (near
    DHL and Blue Dart offices)? Its got a darshini ambience with several
    ‘stand & eat’ tables and offer at prices known to us a few years ago.
    The stalls near the terminal update their prices with the finance
    ministry’s weekly inflation rates which has oft been in excess of 10%
    p.a. these last two years.”

    Thanks, Sathya.

  3. I’ve always felt that the drivers of buses and cars who also come often to the airport cannot afford to pay fancy prices (the old airport also had a low-cost cafeteria)….and wondered where they would go. Thanks for finding out, Amit.

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