Cartoon Exhibition by Vins

Another exhibition that I visited at its fag end was one of cartoons, at Midford Gardens (off M G Road):

cartoon ex 250810 

This was the first time I was visiting the Indian Cartoon Gallery, and found it a fair-sized space in the basement of a building. The cartoons were well displayed, with good lighting. Perhaps in the interests of conservation, and of saving on electricity, the lights were off when we went, and a security person switched them on when we entered.

One of the disadvantages of visiting a show later is the inability to meet the creator, and I certainly would have liked to meet Vijay N. Seth, aka Vins. He graduated from the JJ School of  Fine Arts, Mumbai, in 1968, and started with political cartoons, but diversified into scientific and social themes.

He is one of three Indian cartoonists who are represented in the permanent collection of the International Cartoon Museum, Karikatatur, and Cartoon Museum, Basel, Switzerland. His cartoons have won prizes, and been displayed in Korea, Hungary, France, Portugal, and Israel, as well. His work shows a strong Western influence; he’s interacted with many European cartoonists, including Andre Francois of France, considered the father of modern cartooning.

Vins’  work has appeared in many publication, such as the Readers’ Digest and Indian Express, too.

Here are two samples of his work,

vins cartoon 1 250810

 vins cartoon 2 250810

where strong rural-urban comparisons are made.

An excellent collection of cartoons, which made me both chuckle…and think!

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