Weird Architecture…

Can you see what’s strange about this building?

no window 020110 jpngr

I have no clue why this should have been built in this way…it’s fascinating!

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  1. That does not explain the Light Fitting on the lintel. Nobody provides a light point in such a place unless that is intended for a way to enter into or go out of the building. The sewage line indicates that a bath/toilet in the part could have been closed and shifted to the other side of the big window.

  2. Looking at the sewage outlet from that point, my friend Prem Kudva feels that this was probably a bathroom window which got blocked up at a later stage of construction….so I agree with you Mr Srinivasan!

  3. Probably, the engineer might have planned to have another window in that place or a balcony or a stairway. At the time of construction, the idea would have changed and left the lintel in its place along with a light point!

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