The good and the bad….

As I walked down Jayanagar, at the meeting point of the roads where the ICICI Bank is (I don’t know the name of the circle, and you’ll see why!), I saw this BBMP signboard, which was bad.

name board jayanagar 060810

Why do people want to stick posters over road and junction signs? Do they think everyone knows the place, and needs no directions or information?

However, to offset the bad, was the good..the fact that the banyan tree has been allowed to grow, spread its roots, and give its generous shade to the area (and support bird, insect, and animal life, too!)

banyan tree jayanagar 070810

What a majestic sight just the roots of the tree make! Do spend a few moments looking up at it when you are next in Jayanagaar….

This is my city…a nice mixture of G’n’B!

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