As I walk around my home, I am struck by the brightness of the colours around me, especially since the monsoons have moved in, and the trees have shed their summer dust and sereness.

Here is the

COPPER SHIELD BEARER, the tree is almost done with its yellow blooms that carpet the ground below it…now the copper-coloured pods that give the tree its name are out, and the tree looks so beautiful…

copper-shield bearer 020710

The tree of the summer, the


also sports a lot of green, and some of the red blooms that brighten up the summer days are yet on the tree:

gulmohan 050710

Would you like to know more about the flowering trees of Bangalore?

click here for Karthik’s excellent feature

However, it’s not only the trees which are in glorious technicolour sometimes…I loved the sight of this house!

technicolour flag house 020710

Colours brighten up life and bring the joy of the monsoons to us…

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