Independent thinking…but similar conclusion

Another blogger whose blog I’ve followed since he was on LiveJournal, comes to the same conclusion that many of us have, about the widening of our roads…

The other day, walking down Dr. Rajkumar Road in Rajajinagar, I saw several signboards on the road, on shopfronts, on buildings, etc. protesting against plans for widening the road. Apparently they want to widen the road and thus want to demolish shops, parts of houses, etc. Looking outside my own apartment building the other day, I saw some numbers written on the compound wall. Digging deeper, I figured that they want to widen the road I live on and hence want to claim part of the apartment land.

For the full post, his reasoning and his conclusions, click here

Well-written and articulate…and of course, I agree!

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  1. The author has made the vital point that underpasses or
    flyovers at critical junctions should have been considered by
    the BBMP / BDA.

    In fact BEFORE launching on a massive road widening program with all its
    habitat destruction, the authorities should have declared a trial period of five years while they implemented synchronized traffic lights, box-type underpasses, reduced car registrations, taxes on car users in the city core areas etc. Together with the benefits of the Metro, the combined results should have been studied and then decisions on road widening taken.

    What has been done in the recent past is most unscientific and knee-jerk and deserves the rebuke that the Hon. High Court administered recently during the hearings on the Turf Club PILs.

    Irreparable damage has been done to this city’s environment and it is now up to citizen’s forums to declare some of our remaining great avenues and tree-lined roads as HERITAGE AVENUES and get them declared as inviolate by the Courts.

    S Nityananda

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