Did you know this about Jayachamaraja Wodeyar?

I was on the 25th Chennai Photo Walk and we were walking past the Annamalai Mandram, in front of which is the statue of the famous banker/philanthropist, Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar

rajah sir muthiah chettiar and sleeper

photographed here with an alert citizen in front :)….

 and when I looked at the plaque, I realized that the king of the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore,  Jayachamaraja Wodeyar had been the Governor of the erstwhile Madras Presidency, and had actually unveiled this statue in 1954!


raja ac statue opened by JC Waidyar in 54 

It’s only now that we have Andhra and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu…we were all brothers, not so long ago!  

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  1. There are two mistakes in the above post ! Firstly the year in question was 1964 not 1954 !

    As mentioned in the above plaque, statue was unveiled by H.H. Sir Jaya Chama Raja Wadiyar Bahadur/ Maharaja of Mysore /Governor of Madras on (-4) November 1964.

    Maharaja was the Raja Pramukh of Mysore in 1954! He became the Governor of Mysore from Nov 1, 1956 to 4-5-1964. From 4-5-64 he assumed the Governor’s post of Madras.

    Lastly Madras was a State not presidency from 26-1-1950.

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