YoursTruly Theatre presents Interactive Theatre for Children

On the occasion of Children’s day, Nov 14 -2009
Yours Truly Theatre


a series 5 short plays in complete the story style
a Yt’angle initiative( Yours Truly angle for children)
officially launching with this show.

Name of Play: Signs
Duration: 2 hours
Start Time: 10:00 am
Date: November 14, 2009
Venue: ADA Ranga Mandira, JC Road, Bangalore

Ticket – Rs 50/-
To book tickets call 9845853093/9845243051

Make this children’s day a special one for your child.
Inviting children above 7 years, along with parents/relative.

About Signs:
A series of 5-short stories performed in ‘complete the story’ interactive theatre style where children get to discuss and decide how these short stories should end. These endings are then enacted by the actors on the spot. The themes of these short stories deal with Children and their world, their happiness, success, hopes and fears. These themes cut across barriers and attempts to celebrate childhood in the true spirit.

About the initiative – Yt’angle (Yours Truly Theatre angle for Children)
Ytangle is an initiative started by Yours Truly Theatre with an attempt to reach out to children who have limited quality entertainment. These interactive theatre performances will give hildren a well deserved break from cartoon channels and video games. Children are normally under all time pressure to learn & perform, rarely do they get a chance to be just an audience. Here they get to enjoy live performance and involve themselves in the ancient story telling traditions.

Yours Truly Theatre
9845853093| 9845243051  

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