ESG Workshop :Importance of Weltands in Urban Spaces

Environment Support Group is organising a workshop on ‘Understanding the
role and the importance of Wetlands in Urban spaces.’ The workshop will be
held on 26th September 2009 at the MariGowda Hall in Lal Bagh.

  • The various sessions are as follows:
  • Historical view of lakes in Bangalore
  • Current status of Lakes in Bangalore
  • Criticality of lakes for water security in Bangalore
  • Urban Lakes as functional eco-systems
  • Legal and Policy frameworks that govern lakes

The workshop aims to bring together Decision makers, Media, NGOs, Teachers,
Students and the general public..

You are also invited to use our workshop as an opportunity to display your
photo-exhibits, charts, models, and other forms of visual representations on
lakes, bird-life, other aquatic life, livelihoods and so on. We are sure
that the sharing of your work will deepen the discussion at the workshop.

If you are interested in the same and want to discuss further details, please contact Divya Ravindranath,Researcher, Environment Support Group at divyarrs [at]

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  1. Great idea, but wrong date. Saturday 26th happens to be Maha Ashthami! Can one not postpone it to Saurday 3rd October?

    26th Sept also apparently clashes with similar programme at IISc.

    Maybe worth re-thinking strategy to get maximum participation / mileage.
    Best wishes,
    RK Chari

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