International Canopy Conference by ATREE, and painting competition

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The 5th International Canopy conference from 25th October – 31st october, 2009, in Bangalore, India.



For those interested…

ATREE is also organizing a painting competition on the theme "Forest canopies" as part of the International canopy conference. Check the link for more details



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  1. Bangalore is bigger than New York City and this note below illustrates where we are:

    The Central Park in New York City canopy has 26,000 trees — elms, maples, oaks and others — just a fraction of the estimated 2 million trees in all city parks, an additional 600,000 on city streets and 2.5 million on private property — and features the type of obsessive manicuring more suggestive of a well-tended backyard than the Northeastern wilderness. The trees here are maintained with an annual tree care budget of $637,000 by the Central Park Conservancy, which did not return calls for comment

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