The CycleReCycle Project is a project aimed at recycling cycles that are unused, broken, abandoned and bringing them back on road.

The project borrows ideas from, and

The goal is to build a platform where people can contribute time, money, effort, equipment, information so that more and more cycles can get onto the road.

The project will be run on a not-for-profit basis.

Please get in touch with them, if you:

1. Have an old/unused/broken cycle/cycle-part and want to give it away
2. Know abandoned cycle/cycle-part and can help retreive it it
3. Have time to spare to collect cycles, get them fixed or donate them
4. Know people who need cycles for their mobility
5. Have knowledge of cycle fixing and can help fix old/broken cycles
6. Know mechanics who can heelp fix cycles
7. Know manufacturers/vendors who can provide cycle repair kits/parts
8. Have some money to spare to help bring back a cycle onto the road
9. Have interest in the project and have ideas to make it more effective


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