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Though sitting far away, I feel very involved in trying to work out solutions that will not further deplete our green cover, yet sort out our transportation woes. So here’s a great opportunity that Hasiru Usiru is offering!

In recent weeks Bangaloreans made their presence felt on the streets through well-publicized protests around the Metro alignment in South Bangalore. This is a good moment to pause and better understand the numerous issues that have been raised at these events, and collectively plan a future course of action.

To this end, it’s a pleasure to invite everyone on this list to a public workshop entitled "Southern Reach of the Bangalore Metro : Impact and Alternatives". Details below.

The Southern Reach of the Bangalore Metro:

Impact and Alternatives

Date: Sunday May 3
Time: 4 pm to 7 pm
Location : Sanathana Kalakshetra, 9th Main, 36th Cross, Jayanagar 5th Block (next to Jayanagar telephone Exchange)


The aims of this workshop are to:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of the implications of the current alignment and design of the Bangalore Metro in its Southern Reach in terms of its environmental, social, and economic impact
2. Evaluate and discuss alternative designs that potentially reduce the negative impact of the Metro without undermining its effectiveness as a means of public transportation
3. Evolve a plan for how to take the Save Lalbagh and Nanda Road Campaign forward, which could include formal engagement with BMRCL, city and state authorities.

The workshop will share information, provoke debate, and clarify citizens’ understanding of the numerous issues that surround the Metro project and collectively, will define a way forward. The program will consist of presentations by experts, open discussion sessions, sharing of information through other A/V media (non-presentation).



Type of event


4:00 pm


Introduction: Timeline of Important Metro-related Events, and Workshop Overview

4:15 pm


Social & Environmental Consequences of the Current Plan: How the Metro Will Affect Us

4:35 pm


5:00 pm


Current Plan vis-a-vis Democratic Process

5:15 pm


5:30 pm


5:45 pm


Alternatives: Feasibility of underground design, alternative alignments

6:00 pm


6:15 pm


Save Lalbagh & Nanda Road: Where do we go from here?

6:45 pm


Workshop summary

For questions please contact Vinay Sreenivasa (9880595032) or Roshni Nuggehalli (9900576744), or email


Anyone. The workshop is open to all. In addition to individual citizens, the following groups have confirmed their participation: Jayanagar Residents Welfare Associations, Lakshman Rao Boulevard Walkers Association, Hasiru Usiru (, a network of NGOs and individual citizens, Maraa (, a media collective.


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