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Volunteer Diary

Neralu ninaivugazhu

My memories of Neralu, Bangalore’s first crowd funded tree fiesta held in around Cubbon Park on 8th and February 9th 2014.   We walkedand talkedabout trees,birds and bees There were songs and dancesof green romancesplays, talesand

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Music Matters

Engaging the audience

Classical music afficianados besides their love for music seem to share two other common interests. One is clearly food, given the roaring canteen business at many sabhas. The other seems to be the strong opinions

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Everyday City

A film on Gandhi Bazaar

The film was taken in 2010 and the background music is a recording I made from the loudspeakers that played on Bull temple road during the Kadlekai Parishe (Groundnut fair) that same year. The purpose

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Forward Bellandur

Kasa Muktha Bellandur

“Kasa Muktha Bellandur” campaign (earlier called Clean Bell and renamed to align with city level initiative) has taken off to a very positive start. This campaign aims to achieve responsible, end-to-end solid waste management in the