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When mediterranean goes veg

Looking for a fresh Mediterranean snacks that’s vegetarian? Alright folks, Tahini Garden at Jayanagar offers you the combination. The name is inspired from tahini, a sauce prepared from sesame seeds. Moroccan Spaghetti. Pic: Abhishek Angad


Namma deha, namma hakku!

  That was how around 40 of us reclaimed our space vociferously and visibly on the roads of Madiwala (South Bangalore) and its environs between 5.00-7.00 pm last Saturday, 4th August. We energetically and emphatically

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Plant a birthday sapling

Shreya Sharma recently planted two saplings at Puttenahalli Lake, to commemorate her seventh birthday. Two saplings planted at Puttenahalli Lake, 28-Jul-2012 Pics: Munish Sharma Shreya’s dad Munish Sharma, resident of the JP Nagar neighbourhood Brigade