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      Piping hot BFK…Baitu Filter Kaapi. Baitu is a Bangalore institution…it’s actually, "divide the coffee by two". This gives a lovely thimble-shot of piping hot coffee where one doesn’t have to worry about

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MTR oota

So this time, it’s Karnataka cuisine. While interviewing Sakuntala Narasimhan, a senior journalist, she said there is dearth of restaurants that serve authentic Karnataka food in the city. So Citizen Matters did some digging. Mavalli

Chlorophyll Conversations

Pick friends for your garden

Companion planting is a core element of organic gardening. This has proven to have improved the yield of surrounding plants and even improve the flavour of neighbouring plants.

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Cycle lane

It was great to see this image:     But we hope something like this will not happen:     Or something like this…!     Thanks to  Chidambaram Subrmanian for the photos and the


See the finer print?

Still from the film (Courtesy: Jobin Andrews) What do places like Electronic City (Bangalore), Cyberabad (Hyderabad) and TIDEL Park (Chennai) have in common? Well, they are parts of large southern Indian metropolises where many information

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Gender equality begins at home

Fifty percent of us are women. And there is a Women’s Day, yes. Yet, there are scores of stories about the struggles, achievements, journeys, and worries of women in our cities. We cannot cram all