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Workshop on the Metro….

Though sitting far away, I feel very involved in trying to work out solutions that will not further deplete our green cover, yet sort out our transportation woes. So here’s a great opportunity that Hasiru

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Editors' Blog

Post election notes

Citizen Matters Magazine – Vol 1 Issue 7 Dear Readers, Covering the elections anywhere in the world gives journalists a good, close look at the candidates and their campaigns. Here are some slices of our

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Volunteer Diary

Gender And Games

The Pottery Town government school (on Pottery Road where I had volunteered for nearly four months) closed for summer holidays in end March but I often find some children  playing in the ground or loitering

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Deepa's Jottings

Short Play Writing Competition 2009

WeMove Productions, a subsidiary of WeMove Foundation, announces: The Short Play Writing Competition 2009. This shall be followed by a "Short Play Festival", where the selected scripts shall be staged, and suitably awarded. (Prizes worth