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The Key Maker

One of the things that make our Indian cities vibrant is the presence of several small businesses that eke their living by solving the everyday problems of the citizens, or making their lives easier in

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Deepa's Jottings

Bangalore Anonymous!

Many of us have been complaining about the increasing "facelessness" of the new Bangalore. Neighbour does not know neighbour, and we all seem impersonal cogs in the machinery… But I didn’t realize that even the

Adventures of an eco-nut

Don’t throw that peel

There is something about the notion of composting that really excites me. Just think of it – with just a simple change of container (a composter/compost pit instead of dustbin), there’s a whole new world

Dashing through the streets

Moon at Noon

I was out in the afternoon today, in the hot Sun. As I looked up at the bright blue sky to check for any passing clouds, surprise – the Moon had risen! Here’s  a photo