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Editors' Blog

Citizen Matters Magazine launched!

On 31 January 2009, nine months after Oorvani Media launched, Bangalore’s first online community e-newsmagazine, we are committing the Citizen Matters print fortnightly magazine to you. This free, sleek, 16-page magazine is being launched

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Deepa's Jottings

The Newspaper Habit….

One  sight that can be seen frequently in the mornings is that of different people reading the morning newspaper. It’s a habit deeply ingrained in our culture, and no matter which newspaper it may be…our

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Volunteer Diary

Puli miss

I met the children halfway through their meal and had to answer two questions repeatedly – “Where were you during the week?” and "Did you eat today?” I don’t remember even my mother being so

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Entrepreneur's Corner

Wake up call for businesses

As we see the unraveling of Satyam…maytaS…i.e. the reversing of Satyam, there are some learnings from a due diligence perspective. It is surprising that a case of this size has escaped notice for several years.