Deepa's Jottings

Kannada and English…

Here’s a message I found on an auto recently: It seems to imply that the person patronizing this service is…a female horse….! But it’s actually the Kannada-ization of the emphasis on the word customer… (phonetically,

No Picture

Pain of plagiarism

Earlier this year, we found an article on ST bed layout copied almost completely, (with some names changed) in an edition of City Plus, Dainik Jagran’s local freesheeter. The article byline was Joel Deepak. Our

Dashing through the streets

A Day at KSCA

It’s a whole different experience to watch India’s most popular game at the stadium. The crowd, the buzz, watching players warm up, huge shouts as Tendulkar walks in, boos when there is a war of

Campus Diem

Day Tripping (Part Un)

Yes, we’ve been away. No No, quite literally. When we heard that NIT Trichy’s annual cultural fest Festember was starting on the 18th of September, we jumped at the idea. The veterans who have traveled